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Maple Bay, British Columbia

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Tom Morrissey

July 10th


Our Story

The Lion Rampant Scottish Pub was the brainchild of Andrew Abernethy & Bruce Findlay. In 2011 they went looking for a pub to have a beer, in Ladysmith, BC. Not finding one in the town, they started to discuss what sort of pub Ladysmith needed. After several proposals and iterations, and a curveball or two, the partners negotiated on, and purchased, the Brigantine Pub in Maple Bay, closing in March 2014.

After 5 weeks of renovations, the pub re-opened on May 9, 2014 as "The Lion Rampant Scottish Pub. When you have an oceanfront property like ours, you tend to want to show it off. Since 2014, our pub and view have been featured in countless Facebook and Instagram posts, and more and more people come to Maple Bay to check out its incredible scenery, many while enjoying some food and drinks on The Lion Rampant's deck.